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Counting Songs

counting songs and rhymes

Counting Songs – The best way to memorize counting is to practice counting with songs.  Several different songs that are great for preschoolers, kindergarten students, or any child struggling with counting. Great for teaching English as a second language. Printable lyrics or viewable PDF for smart board. Know number names and the count sequence. CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.A.1 …

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Animated Reading Comprehension Lesson and Activity – Second & Third Grade

prefix suffix

Prefixes and Suffixes – You’ll love this fun and free vocabulary lesson! Children play a balloon game and make new words by adding prefixes and suffixes to root words. Specific feedback combined with exciting interaction makes this lesson a hit for parents and students. Basic Sight Words – Two free sight word lessons. Both lessons …

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Animated Phonics Lessons – Second Grade

consonant Digraphs

Consonant Digraphs – Capt. Armstrong leads your children on an important mission in this free second grade phonics lesson. Students are prompted to match consonant digraphs, including th, ch, and sh, with word parts to make words they hear. Correct matches will send each spaceship blasting off to outer space! Rhyming – In this free …

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Animated Phonics Lessons and Practice

phoincs lesson

Animated Phonics Lessons and Practice – Practice identifying beginning and ending consonant sounds, specifically the beginning sound y- and the ending sound -x. Audio-visual support, immediate feedback, and cute animation and music loops will keep your kindergartener excited and motivated to learn to read.  Animated Phonemic Awareness Lessons and Practice – Practice rhyming skills by …

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