Fractions Lesson Plan

3rd or 4th Grade – Math Equivalent Fractions

Content objectives: Students will be able to simplify fractions

Language objectives: Students will be able to discuss and journal the relationship of part to whole and relate to the concept of fractions
Categorize fractions according to value or common denominators
State an equivalent fraction using the ordinal numbers in the denominator

Building Background: Begin by passing out a cookie to each student and have them break each cookie. Have students discuss with a partner how that might relate to the content.

Key vocabulary: fraction denominator, numerator, simplify, equivalent

Supplementary Materials: Cookies, puzzle cookies, construction paper, markers

Warm up: Review and chant previously learned equivalent fractions

Presentation: As a group look at pictures of school personnel and discuss what they do.
Do a being there by visiting the people in the building and having them explain some of the things that they do.

Practice: Cookie Match: Pass out cookie pieces and have students find the rest of their cookie.
Work together to simplify the fractions. Find the other cookie pieces with the same value.
Once they have formed the cookie they should share how they figured it out and how this might be applied outside the classroom.

Application –
Analysis –
Synthesis -

Review/ Assessment: Fraction bars students will work together to create their own set offraction bars. Students can then use their bars to discover equivalent fractions.
1. Construct your own fraction bars
2.Experiment with you bars. Focus on equivalent fractions
3. Categorize your bars –
common denominators

*Can use Pizza