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About Us

Who is The Teachers' Café?

"Mr. and Mrs. Farino" are the creators and managers of  We are both current elementary school teachers (4th grade) and both have Masters Degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language.

We originally started the site in 2004 just to have a way to store worksheets in a printable online way as opposed to the old fashioned filing cabinet.  As teachers know, we have enough clutter already.

As we continued to add our teacher-made worksheets we found the need to have teacher-reviewed and approved websites for students to use.  That is when we began to add the links to websites with good online educational games.

Finally, we realized that there are thousands of good educational websites on the web, so why not spend the time to organize them into easy-to-use categories over the summer so we could use the site quickly and effectively during the school year.

"Finally: Part II" has just begun as we have decided to make The Teachers' Café a bit more interactive by adding a blog, Facebook page, a website rating system as well as a new look that allows us to feature some of the great worksheets we have created for teachers.

We hope The Teachers' Café is a useful tool for all teachers, home schoolers, parents and students.  We are always looking for ways to make it more useful, so feel free to make a suggestion on the Contact Us page.

Thank you for giving us a look,

Mr. Farino and Mrs. Farino