Math Constructed Response Guide: Show & Tell

1. Read the problem, reread and, if necessary reread again!

2. Cross out any useless information or distracters.

3. Underline or put a box around the main question.
4. Underline, circle or put a box around the useful numbers.
5. Think about and imagine what is happening in the question and make a plan to solve it.


6. Can you draw a picture about the problem using the numbers in the problem? Is it better to use a table or a bar graph? Do you see any patterns? If you cannot use any of those strategies, use try, check, and revise. If nothing is helping you, REREAD the problem! Finally, write an equation to solve and prove your .
7. Did you label or name your bar graph or table? Remember, the more you show the more you score.
8. If you are happy with your answer, it is time to check your answer. Go back and read the problem again and read your answer after you ask the main question. Does it make sense? Use the inverse (opposite) operation (+,-,x or divide) if possible to check. Check your pictures, tables or graphs with your answer. Does it make sense?


9. Now that you have solved the problem, tell everybody by stating, in a complete sentence, your answer. Turn Your Question Into a Statement (TQIS).
10. Finally, it's time to show everyone your amazing thoughts in solving this problem. Tell how, step-by-step, you solved the problem. Look at every step above and tell what you did. Be sure to use math vocabulary words. The more you explain your thinking and your strategies, the better. DON'T FORGET: Capitalize the first word and use a period at the end.