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1: Find a Kit

Explore creative educational packs that are ready-to-use and curriculum aligned.

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2: Print It Out

Make as many copies as you like using the school printer. Download once - use forever!


3: Ready in 5 minutes

Transform your classroom into an interactive learning experience in under 5 minutes.

Yes, Now you can compete with TikTok

Each of these printable classroom kits will engage your students with challenging puzzles, engaging storylines, and stunning visuals.

They're designed for teams of 4 students to complete together as a classroom race which brings learning to life.


Choose A Printable Classroom Kit:

Million To Mars

Maths | Physics

Help the SpaceX team land the first humans on Mars


Mental Maths | Class Activity

Race to craft items and become the classroom champion

Adventure Egypt

Maths | History

Follow the puzzle trail through Egypt to find a Lost Tomb

Escape Room

Escape Room | History

Transform your classroom into an real life escape room adventure


The Main Idea | History 

Unearth the hidden mystery inside King Tutankhamun's Tomb

Birthday Planner

Maths | Budgeting

Use the power of maths to plan the ultimate birthday party for yourself and friends.

Free Equation Sheets

Maths | Quizzes

Challenge your students with weekly Quizzes that are different every time

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Thrill your class again and again with this ultimate value-pack. You get our four BEST math games:


Turn Your Classroom Into An Escape Room!


The most engaging school learning experience we know is transforming your classroom into an escape room.

Sound impossible? Never! (Here's how.)

In fact, it takes less than 30 minutes to setup with this printable kit, which does 99% of the work for you.

This printable escape room is an educator's secret weapon to instantly transform boring classrooms into an Egyptian-themed escape room, and a supercharged learning environment.

What Other Teachers' Think:


"... the problem-solving, teamwork and collaboration was amazing!"

-Otago Association for Gifted Children


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