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Designed For 7th-9th Grade Students


Maths (X & ÷) and Physics Challenges


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There's just something about math that turns students into glassy-eyed aliens.

Bored, glassy-eyed aliens!

It's time to snap your students back to Earth, with a classroom activity that makes math and science fun.

The 'Million to Mars' math worksheet is an engaging math/science lesson that lets students apply their math skills to an exciting real-world scenario - the SpaceX Mars Mission!

Students are fascinated by the near sci-fi premise. By tasking them with finding logical solutions to open-ended problems (e.g- who should you take on the rocket?), the worksheet ignites creativity and critical thinking, and sparks group discussion that flows flawlessly into more technical science lessons.

Plus, the math worksheet itself is also 100% customizable, so you have complete control over the content, difficulty, and duration of your science lesson space mission.


Your Students Will Explore:


Students calculate the key components to the success of the Mars mission

Thinking critically, students solve open-ended problems that the mission faces

Students share their thinking in group discussions

How Does This SpaceX Mission Work?

This printable math worksheet is 100% classroom-ready, and fully curriculum aligned. All you need to do is print out a copy of the worksheet for each student (or group of students, if you want to turn it into a team challenge).

In 'Million to Mars', students will practice key math skills as they solve problems based on the real SpaceX Mars Mission.

Each worksheet page engages both mathematical and creative problem-solving skills, as students solve open-ended problems that the Mars mission will actually face.

The class is then encouraged to share their thoughts and findings. These classroom discussions are designed to further develop critical thinking skills, as well as facilitate group learning.


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