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Social Studies Worksheets

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K-12. Civil War, Ancient Egypt, Lincoln & Washington Theme, Ancient Rome, Native Americans, Black History Month, Cinco De Mayo, Revolution, Colonies, U.S. Constitution, Explorers, U.S. Presidents 7 more.


ABC Teach

Categories: Character Education, People, History & Places.


Social Studies Worksheets

Ready-Made Worksheets & Printables. History, Geography, Religion & Government.

Ed Helper

A pay web site, but gives many free samples. Includes: American Government, US History, Geography, Ancient America, China, Egypt, Greece, India, Mesopotamia & Rome & more.


Word Scramble Generator

Create printable word scrambles for all fifty states.
Word Search Generator



Printable Notes, Flashcards, Study Table, Matching, Hangman, Crosswords & Word Searches.

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Our Best Game Idea - An Escape Room Adventure!


Classroom escape room games engage the whole classroom. Every. Single. Time!

They're not just games, they're valuable learning experiences that develop critical thinking skillsrefine group communication, and engage multiple learning styles at once.

Worksheets can easily be integrated into a classroom escape room game as another puzzle that students must work together to solve.

Read our guide here to discover how you can use escape room games to reignite creativity in your classroom.

Online Social Studies Games


Name That State

State quiz for 3-7 graders. Shows flag & gives 4 choices for answer.


Social Studies for Kids

Online lessons for students. Several topics from geography to history.


MLK Word Search

Celebrate Martin Luther King Day by finding words that deal with MLK.

Name That Flag

Flag quiz for 4-8 graders. Shows flag & gives 4 choices for answer.


Social Studies Quizzes

Find the states or the state capitals


Interactive States Info

Interactive Maps with facts & pictures. 50 states, Landmarks, Landforms, Major Cities, National Parks & States.


Name That President

President quiz for 4-8 graders. Shows president & gives 4 choices for answer.

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Here's another game for you:


Take your students on a gripping quest through Tutankhamun's tomb.

This worksheet guides them through fascinating Egyptian history, while teaching them to identify the main elements of each story thread.

Social Studies Lessons


The Civil War

Upper elementary. Several units & lessons covering subjects like: A Divided State, a unit that covers the period of time leading up to the Civil War, the war itself & the implemen-tation of segregation after Reconstruction. Civil War Paintings & Photographs Literature of the War a webquest where you will be able to describe what it was like to be a Confederate or Union soldier. Role Playing the Civil War, write a letter to the soldier of the Civil War & more.


Education World

K-12 General Social Studies, Civics, Current Events, Economics, Geography, Government, History, Holidays, Psychology, Regions / Cultures & Sociology.

Pro Teacher

Topics include: Culture, Current Events, Family & Community, Geography, History, Citizenship, Economics & Religion & Ethics.



K-3. Free elementary social studies lesson plans from Assembly Lines to Who Was Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.?


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