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Online Activities
Noun Dunk - Helps students understand common & proper nouns with practice from this simple online game.
Sentence Types - Practice: Statements, Questions, Exclamations & commands.
Grammar Gorillas - Identifying parts of speech. Click on the right word in the sentence, our friends get a banana. Beginner (nouns and verbs only). Advanced (all parts of speech).
Power Proofreading - Fix grammatical errors in paragraphs. Choose a passage that works on a specific skill. Grades 1-8.
Apostrophes - Learn what an apostrophe is & why they are used. Online lesson with interactive questions to test knowledge.
Sentence Builder - Help the monkey build a bridge by building correct sentences with the given phrases.
Pronouns - Click on the correct pronoun to move through the reef.
Cheap Essay Writing - In addition to problems with grammar, students often struggle with writing essays. Cheap academic writing services at short notice can be a great solution for them.
Preposition Desert - Is it object of the preposition or preposition? You decide.
Learning Planet - K-6 Games: Vowels & Consonants, Lower Case & Case Letters, Nouns & Verbs, Common & Proper Nouns, Adverbs & Adjectives.
Verb Power - Fourth grade to sixth. Is it a contraction, helping verb or a main verb?
Intermediate Game Zone - Several free online English learning games for 5-12.
Middle School - Online lessons & activities: Adjective and Adverbs, General Grammar Exercises (error correction exercises), nouns, prepositions, Pronouns & verb tenses.
Grammar Exercises - Intermediate Online practice. Comma Splices, Fragments, Irregular Verbs, Commas, Pronoun Agreement, Pronoun Reference, S-V Agreement & Word Choice.
Plural Play - 2 player game. Tic-Tac-Toe. Match the word with the correct ending.
Punctuation - Practice for colons, commas, periods, question marks & quotation marks. Sentences are missing certain punctuation you fill it in.
Sentence Speedway - Phrases, clauses & independent clauses.
Proofreading Makes Perfect - You choose skill: Capitalization, punctuation, spelling, usage or putting it together.