Grammar Games Students Will Get Into

Snap your students to attention with these classroom games that make learning fun!


It's Time To Gamify Learning!

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Want an example? This math worksheet turns the classroom into an epic adventure!

Students learn best when they practice. Worksheets are one way of making sure specific skills get targeted. However, they can get boring. In addition, someone has to check worksheets to make sure the answers are correct. Online, interactive skill practice can use grammar games to reinforce skills, and students are given instant feedback and guided to the correct answer. They're a lot of fun and can give students the confidence they need to communicate effectively.

Below you will find a collection of websites dedicated to providing online, interactive, free grammar games intended to reinforce language arts skills. They're divided into elementary, middle, and high school - so they're perfect for classrooms and homeschool lessons alike. Those that include printable materials are identified. Note that some of the websites appear under more than one grade level. That's because some of the games are available for multiple grade levels.

Different states arrange their grades differently. For the purposes of this page, Elementary Grades refers to K-6 grades. Middle Grades, sometimes referred to as Junior High School, refers to grades 7-9 while High School refers to grades 10-12. Teachers can determine which games are most suitable for their students. They can spend a few minutes becoming familiar with the games they're providing for their students' use. This will provide the information needed for the teacher to use the games more effectively.

Some games offer printable certificates upon completion. Other games offer screens with that information that can be printed directly from the screen, This allows students to keep a record of their accomplishments to share with their families. Teachers can keep these records in students' folders.

Teachers might find it helpful to create a brief questionnaire evaluating the games. This feedback will allow teachers to eliminate the games that are not helpful or causing potential problems.

These games are provided to help teachers teach more effectively. They make learning enjoyable. Many are available on the Internet which means students can enjoy them at home. (homeschool for the win!)


Our Best Game Idea - An Escape Room Adventure!


Classroom escape room games engage the whole classroom. Every. Single. Time!

They're not just games, they're valuable learning experiences that develop critical thinking skills, refine group communication, and engage multiple learning styles at once.

Worksheets can easily be integrated into a classroom escape room game as another puzzle that students must work together to solve.

Read our guide here to discover how you can use escape room games to reignite creativity in your classroom.

Grammar Games Your Students Will Get Into:

  1. Grammar Gorillas - Students practice Identifying parts of speech. The beginner level works with only nouns and verbs only. The advanced level includes all parts of speech.
  2. Learning Planet - 1-8 These games offer practice working with lower and upper case letters, consonants and vowels, nouns and verbs, proper and common nouns, and adjectives and adverbs.
  3. Intermediate Game Zone - This website offers a variety of free online games that teach English for children ages 5-12.
  4. Middle School - These online activities and lessons offer practice with general grammar (error correction), adverbs and adjectives, nouns, pronouns, verbs and verb tenses, and prepositions.
  5. Grammar Exercises - Students at an intermediate level practice working on sentence fragments, irregular verbs, commas and comma splices, pronoun agreement, pronoun reference, subject/verb agreement and word choice.

Ready to Supercharge Your Classroom?

These printable activities gamify your lesson to thrill students into learning.

Students will solve immersive puzzles, overcome critical-thinking challenges, and pull together as a team.

Each worksheet is designed to maximise fun, develop key skills, and do all the hard prep-work for you.