Free Assessment Resources for Teachers

Save time by grabbing these free assessment resources for your classroom or homeschool lesson.


Assessment resources


DIBELS Reading Assessment

Dynamic - Indicators - of - Basic - Early - Literacy - Skills. Learn what DIBELS is & how it can help you diagnose reading levels by knowing what area they need to help at. Complete instructions on how to implement as a year long assessment.


San Diego Quick

A fast, effective, reading assessment of your new students reading levels. Printable word banks.


How Children Learn to Read

A guide to asses all areas of beginning readers. Screening & Progress Monitoring, Diagnostic & Outcome Measures. A guide for how to use the data as a teacher or a principal.

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The Abecedarian Reading Assessment

PDF file that covers: Letter Knowledge Phonological Awareness, Phoneme Awareness, Alphabetic Principle, Vocabulary, Decoding.


Writing Rubric

Make grading writing easier! Free printable Scoring Rubric for Writing Conventions: Organization, Ideas, Voice, Word Choice & Sentence / Fluency.



Online videos & instructions with suggestions & training on accessing a child's reading. Subjects: Why should we assess? What are the different types of assessments? What are high stakes tests? What are the scores you can get from assessments & what do they mean? How do you know that the assessment chosen is appropriate? What should be assessed & how often? Stages of Reading Set Expectations & Motivate Informal Reading & Writing Assessments Tools, Oral Fluency Assessment, 5-Step Procedure for How to Intervene, Target Instruction, Assessment Research Articles & Resources for Further Reading.

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