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Designing and testing partial product multiplication sheets takes forever! However, a printable math worksheet is one of the best ways to teach your 3rd - 6th grade students the partial products method. From choosing appropriate numbers to ensuring that the sheet formats properly and completing an answer key, you could easily spend 20 minutes per sheet.

With our free downloadable worksheet generator, you can reduce your workload to just two steps: click and print. Determine the difficulty level, choose a fun background, then click and print. From 20 minutes to 20 seconds per sheet. It’s that easy and fast! (Alternatively, why not check out our classroom escape room kit for an epic lesson your students will cherish waaay more than any worksheet!)

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You can print up to ten different sheets at a time (they will all be randomly generated). We solve the problems and provide you with an answer sheet (don’t worry, we used a calculator). Using different sheets keeps Stephen from copying from Mary or Susie from copying from Maurice. It also allows you to rotate the sheets through the class, providing the students with extra work.

You can choose from single-digit, double-digit, and triple-digit factors. This allows you to mix and match to increase problem difficulty as your students continue to master the material. Keep them challenged and engaged by forcing them to exceed their perceived limits.

You control how many problems appear on each page by selecting a grid size. So you have complete control over the workload you assign to each student. This makes it perfect for custom homeschool assignments! Place six problems on each sheet and have them race to see who can successfully complete the most sheets in ten minutes. However, emphasize accuracy over speed. Before the game, announce time penalties for missed problems. This keeps your race car drivers in check.

You can also choose a fun background for the free downloadable worksheet. Make it look like a worn-out piece of paper on a clipboard or an old fashioned parchment letter. Alternatively, you can just use a blank page if you don’t want your students daydreaming about reading Pride and Prejudice or Gulliver’s Travels. What 3rd - 6th grade student doesn’t love 18th-century literature?

You can print the problems on any size paper. The default prints on A4 or letter-sized paper. However, using the “print scale” option, you choose how large or small you want the paper. We do not recommend banner size, but just about any other size works great!

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The Nuts and Bolts of the Partial Product Method

Maths worksheets

The partial product method reduces the multiplication problem to a series of easily understood steps. It also helps students understand each place's role by assigning different values to each digit in a multidigit number. The method also prepares students for higher maths and STEM curriculum by teaching them how to operate with factors.

Our worksheets employ the box or window method of partial product multiplication. Each side of the box contains the factors broken down into their components (tens, hundreds). Fill the boxes by multiplying the numbers intersecting in each box. Add the products to obtain the final answer.

This box illustrates the ease of applying the partial product box method. Breaking down the problem into the boxes ensures that the students do not miss steps. If an error is made, it is easily isolated. This allows the students to quickly learn from their mistakes. It also makes clear the algorithm for completing any problem.

Pupils quickly understand the logic of multiplication with the box method. The box breaks down the problem into its component parts. The students easily understand why 15 x 14 = 210 (and not because a calculator says so). Students should make better progress using the box method.

Try out our free downloadable worksheets, and add another class-prep tool to your arsenal. Our worksheet generator will help your students practice key skills, and reduce the time you spend constructing your lesson plan. Epic win!

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The Wonderful World of Worksheets

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Check out these classroom math activities to see how you can easily gamify learning in your classroom.

Worksheets possess an infinite number of uses (well, maybe not infinite, but we were absent the day that they taught combinations and permutations). While we discourage some uses, such as the rolled-up paper megaphone, you may wish to consider these ways for using the free downloadable worksheets to entertain your students as they learn. (some of these are great for homeschool lessons too!)

No-Cheat Practice Sheets. Print copies of three different worksheets. Distribute them so that students can’t copy off of each other. Give students a set time, such as 10 minutes, to complete the worksheet. Have the students switch papers, then go over the problems in class. Students learn once from doing their own work and again from seeing how their peers attacked the problems. Run through the drill 2-3 times with different sheets (remember, you can print up to 10 different problem sheets).

Extra Work For Speedy Kids. You always have one, or maybe two, pupils who finish their assignments in record time. The Usain Bolts of math worksheets, cranking out answers faster than you hand out problems. Print out nine-box sheets of partial product problems. As soon as they finish the classwork, hand them one of these extra sheets. Even if the class is studying another topic, having the speedy students complete the worksheets reinforces their multiplication skills. It keeps them from disturbing their classmates as they finish the problems.

Math (Hunger) Games. A true war of the wizards. May the calculator be ever on your side. Split the class up into groups of three, hand out a printable math worksheet, set a timer for 10 minutes, and go! The team correctly completing the most problems wins. What they win is up to you, but we suggest that if you hand out candy, make sure that they consume it at home. Then reshuffle the class and restart the competition! You can even assign students a point for every time they are on the winning team, with a prize at the end going to the student with the most points.

Outsmart the Teacher! Hand out worksheets that you completed. Make intentional mistakes on some, but not all, of the problems. The best mistakes represent frequent errors by your students. Have the students start on each problem simultaneously, instructing them to raise their hands when they find the error. Including problems that you solved correctly keeps them on their toes and makes them admit that you can do something right. Finding your mistakes (gee whiz, Ms. Jones, how’d you miss that ONE) will turn even the least interested students into enthusiastically engaged kids. It will also reinforce their own understanding of the partial products method.

Grade Your Peers. Pass out the same sheet to all students. After they finish, have them trade papers with another student. The students will grade each others’ papers. After they finish correcting the sheets, go over all of the problems with the class. Pointing out errors in either completing the assignment or grading the assignment will enhance the students’ understanding of the partial product multiplication method.

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Thrill your kids into learning with these printable classroom activities:

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Homework Assignments. Send students home with one or two worksheets of problems. Grade them on their ability to correctly complete the problems. Having the extra practice at home will enhance their understanding of the subject. It may also teach mom and dad a new method of completing multiplication problems!

Biggest Number Game. Create a printable math worksheet with an equal number of problems. Place two students in each group. The first player picks a problem, then the second player picks a problem. Each player works on their own problems. Once done, the second player picks an unused problem, and then the first player picks an unused problem. Each works the new problem they picked. This continues until the problems are exhausted. The player with the highest total value of products wins. Pair the students with someone new and play again. This exercise reinforces multiplication skills and also teaches the students to estimate results.

Hot Potato Math. Put your students in groups of four. Designate the students 1-4. Put 20 problems up on worksheets in front of the students. Each student must complete five problems in turn. For instance, you may assign student #1 problems 1, 7, 12, 14, and 20. Other students in the group can point out their teammates' errors, but not until the teammate completes the problem. Establish a time penalty for any missed problems. The group that finishes the quickest with the most correctly answered problems wins. This game engages all students by requiring each student to work through their own problems and forcing the teammates to pay attention to ensure that the person working the problem completes it correctly.

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We know that you can find several other ways to use our free downloadable worksheets (although paper airplanes may not be your best choice). If you have any questions about the printable math worksheets, please contact us, we'll be happy to help! We're here to make your job easier, so you can focus on the joy of teaching, instead of on the logistics of teaching!

Good luck teaching your 3rd - 6th grade students (and their parents) partial products multiplication. We hope these worksheets help you out!

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Multi-Digit Multiplication Partial Product Area Model

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Triple-Digit times Double-Digit

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CCSS.Math.Content.4.NBT.B.5 Multiply a whole number of up to four digits by a one-digit whole number, and multiply two two-digit numbers, using strategies based on place value and the properties of operations. Illustrate and explain the calculation by using equations, rectangular arrays, and/or area models.