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Science worksheets


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Science Lessons

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Science Worksheets

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Farm Worksheets

Cows, Ducks, spelling, Animal Products & more.



Animals, Dinosaurs, Earth, Elements & Compounds, Hurricane & Tornadoes, Human Body, Environment, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Rainforest, Space, Magnets / Electricity, Physics Labs, Plant, Insects & more.


Sea Animals

Word scramble puzzle. Unscramble the names of 10 animals found in the ocean. AnswersGeneral Science - Crossword puzzle. Questions from various scientific disciplines. AnswersAtoms crossword puzzle. Questions about the basic building blocks of matter. Answers.

Solar System

Printable lined journal page for all planets & the Sun.


Science Teachers

Lesson plans, worksheets & activities for upper elementary and middle school science teachers.


ABC Teach - Subjects include: Animals Inventors/Inventions, Earth, Plants, Experiments Simple Machines, Habitats, Biomes Solar System, Health & Nutrition.


Word Scrambles

Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Soil, Plant, Solar System, Energy, Nutrition, Dental Health, Bats, Sea Animals, Weather & more.
Word Searches

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Middle School Worksheets

Diversity of Living Things, Motion, Air & Flight, Mechanical Efficiency, Fluids, Optics, Water Systems, Electricity, Space & Cells to Organ Systems.


Earthquakes & Volcanoes - Lesson plans & worksheets. Objective: Students will be exposed scientific data on the Internet, make inferences on the possible location of plate boundaries, identify plate boundaries based upon seismic & volcanic data gathered from various sources on the Internet, categorize the types of interactions using geological data collected.

The Brain

Great page for Brain resources. Word Search Puzzles, Crossword Puzzles, Neuroscience Dominoes, Coloring Book/Daily Planner, Calendars, Fill-in the Blanks/Short Answer Worksheets & more.


Matching & Word Scrambles

Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, General Science, Physical Science & Space / Astronomy.



Harmonic Motion & Wave, Electricity, Energy & Heat, Forces & Simple Machines, Linear Motion: Speed, Acceleration & Momentum, Conservation Of Mass, Changes & Properties of Matter.

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More Games

Active Science

Get interactive facts about several subjects. Has games, lessons & worksheets. Humans, animals, habitats & much more.


Online Activities

Multiple choice: Animal Classification, Butterfly life cycle, Frog life cycle, Rain Forests, Earth, Solar System Planets facts & much more.

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Thrill your kids into learning with these printable classroom activities:

Science Resources


Nasa Kids

Games, pictures & stories. Learn about the astronauts on the space shuttle missions, Find out how the space shuttle gets ready for launch & more.


Active Science - Get interactive facts about several subjects. Has games, lessons & worksheets. Humans, animals, habitats & much more.


National Geographic Kids

Covers many science topics. Videos, activities, games & stories.

Animal Tribe

Information on animals from A to Z. See picture & read for facts.


Science Bob

Why not try a fun experiment right now? Tons of science experiments to do in class or at home. Lab to examine different things, like the human body. Science fair ideas & more.


The Planets

Information abut the eight planets that are in our solar system & the smaller "dwarf" planets.

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Middle School Science

Includes: Plan Book, NJCCCS, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Life Science, News & a Lesson of the Week.



Gateway to over 50 million pages of authoritative selected science information provided by U.S. government agencies, including research and development results


Science Daily

News, Health, Medicine, Mind, Brain, Plants, Animals, Space, Time, Earth, Climate, Matter, Energy, Computers, Math, Fossils & Ruins.

Biology Online

information in the biological sciences online. Contains links to many online tutorials in several subjects in biology.


Chemistry 4 Kids

For middle schoolers. Matter, atoms, elements, reactions, biochemistry & more.


Creative Chemistry

Color worksheets & teaching notes for fun activities suitable for a chemistry club & question sheets & practical guides for GCSE & A Level Chemistry. Chemistry puzzles, interactive revision quizzes & molecular models.



National Science teachers Association. Find the best teacher-approved books, software, online professional development, and more, targeted to your grade level.


Science Lessons

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Science Teachers

Lesson plans, worksheets & activities for upper elementary and middle school science teachers.


Early Elementary

Gives Objectives, Concepts, Vocabulary & Materials needed. Subjects include: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physical Science, Technology


School House Rock Lyrics

Help teach Nouns, Verb, Adverbs, Pronoun, Adjectives, Conjunctions & Interjections with the lyrics from the classic cartoons.


Energy Lesson Unit

Science Lesson Plans

Astronomy, biology, earth science, geology, physics, technology & weather.


Middle School Science

Follow the weekly lesson plans of a middle school teacher. Tons of achieved plans.


Biology Lesson Plans

Tons for: Ecology, Anatomy, Scientific Method, Plants, Evolution, Cell Biology, Animals, Genetics & Biochemistry.

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Lesson Plans

Mostly upper level: Agriculture, Anatomy, Animals, Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Careers, Chemistry, Engineering
Entomology, Environmental Education, Geology, History, Instructional Issues
Meteorology, Paleontology, Physical Sciences, Physics, Process Skills & Space Sciences.


Middle School Lessons

QuickTime Movies that are ideal for Elementary Students. Accompanying each is a PDF file containing lesson plans and further resource materials.
High School Lessons

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