Constructed Response Questions

  1. Joe made a frozen yogurt shake with 10 ounces of milk and some strawberry frozen yogurt. He used the mixture to fill three 5-ounce glasses and had 2 ounces left over. How much frozen yogurt did he use?

  2. The debate club members sold raffle tickets to raise money for T-shirts. They sold 3 times as many raffle tickets on the weekend as they did during the week. On the weekend, they sold 246 tickets. How many raffle tickets did they sell during the week?

  3. Alice shredded cheese to top 6 pizzas. She spread 4 ounces of cheese on 5 of the pizzas. On the sixth pizza, she added twice as many ounces. She had 2 ounces of shredded cheese left. How many ounces of cheese did Alice shred?

  4. Tara is 6 years older than Karen. Karen is 5 years younger than Dave. Dave is 3 years older than Luz. If Luz is 10 years old, how old is Tara?

  5. Tony had a party and his mom bought 5 pizzas. His mom cut some into big pieces and some into small pieces. Here are the amounts of pizza left: 3/12, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 2/6.
    How many full pizzas could his mom make if she put all the slices together? Use fractions strips to help.

  6. Sean is 4 months older than Tony. Heather is 6 months younger than Tony. If Sean’s birthday is in April, in which months are Heather’s and Tony’s birthdays?