Constructed Response Questions

  1. Johnny has a chocolate bar with 8 equal pieces. He ate 2 pieces and gave three pieces to a friend. What fraction of the bar is left? Explain how you got your answer.

  2. There are 13 cubes in a bag. 4 of the cubes are yellow. There are twice as many red cubes as green cubes. How many cubes of each color are there total?

  3. There are 108 students in the 5th grade. At the end of year party the teachers order 12 different kinds of ice cream.
    A. If they order an equal number of servings of each flavor, how many servings of each flavor should the teachers order? Show or explain how you got your answer.
    B. Each serving costs $0.63. What is the total cost for all 108 students? Show or explain how you got your answer.

  4. Mrs. Smith’s students had a reading competition to see who could read the most in one night. Two of the students’ times are shown in the table below.Student Total Time Read José 2 hours 35 minutes Shontelle 3 hours 47 minutes.
    A. Recreate the table to show each student’s total time read in minutes. (60 min=1 hr). Show or explain how you got your answer.
    B. For how many seconds did José read? (60 sec= 1 min) Show or explain how you got your answer.

  5. Kerri has to be to school by 8:30. It takes her 5 minutes to brush her teeth, 10 minutes to shower, 20 minutes to dry her hair, 10 minutes to eat breakfast and 25 minutes to walk to school. What time will she need to get up?

  6. Andy wants to sort his football cards into boxes that hold 50 cards each. He has 620 football cards. First, he gave 78 to his little brother. He put the rest into the boxes. About how many boxes will Andy need to hold all his remaining cards?

  7. Use a Table Question: You save $3 on Monday. Each day after that you save twice as much as you saved the day before. If this pattern continues, how much would you save on Friday?
    Strategy: You need to know that you save $3 on Monday. Then you need to know that you always save twice as much as you find the day before.
    How can you solve the problem? You can make a table like the one below. List the amount of money you save each day. Remember to double the number each day.

  8. Jenny is training for a race. On Day 1, she ran 5 miles, which was 1/3 the distance she ran on Day 3, and 1/ 2 the distance she ran on Day 2. How many miles did she run over the 3-day period?

  9. In June 2000, a sixth-grade class planted a tree in the schoolyard. The tree grew about 3 inches a year. If the tree was 38 inches high in June 2005, about how high was the tree when it was planted?

  10. Joe made a frozen yogurt shake with 10 ounces of milk and some strawberry frozen yogurt. He used the mixture to fill three 5-ounce glasses and had 2 ounces left over. How much frozen yogurt did he use?