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States of Matter

Matter is everything around you. Matter is anything made of atoms and molecules. The universe is made up of matter and energy. Matter has mass and takes up space. Energy does not have mass and does not take up space. Energy moves matter.


There are three main states of matter: Solid, liquid and gas.

• Solids have a definite shape
• Molecules are tightly packed together
• Solids are malleable which means it can be molded into a new shape like clay
• Solids can be elastic which means it can be bent or twisted into a new shape and then return to the original shape like a rubberband
• Solids have very little energy
Examples: Rocks, ice, books


• Liquids don’t have a definite shape
• Liquids take the form of the container they are in
• Molecules are not tightly packed
• Liquids of a medium amount of energy
Examples: Lava, water, oil


• Gases have no definite shape or volume
• Molecules are very spread apart
• Gases have a lot of energy
Examples: Oxygen, hydrogen, steam or water vapor

The fourth state of matter is Plasma which is a special form of matter. It that starts out as a gas and then becomes ionised when the atoms in a gas have been broken up into free-floating negative electrons and positive ions. Ions are atoms that have lost electrons and are left with a positive electric charge. Lightning, fluorescent light bulbs and neon signs are examples of plasma.



Think about it!

Below are examples of what atoms due in each of the three states of matter. What is the difference? What do you predict makes them change?



solid molecules atoms movement






liquid molecules atoms movement





gas molecules atoms movement





plasma matter



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