1st & 2nd Grade Classroom Rules

first second grade classroom rules

Let's Get Down To Business!

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If you need to establish in-person or virtual classroom rules for second graders, check out these suggestions.

Each of these recommendations can help you maintain order and provide children with a better learning experience.

Know that these rules are your most popular go-to's for teachers and teacher assistants.

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1. I Will Raise My Hand, Unless It's an Emergency

Children in your class should know it's rude to interrupt without due cause. Be certain to convey this to your students right off the bat. You will have more control over your time spent teaching.

Make sure, though, you remind your second graders there are instances where a hand doesn't have to be raised. Should any of your pupils be worried about anything that could harm them or someone else, they should know a hand raised isn't necessary.


2. I Will Be Honest


Teach them to value honesty. Remind them they can't grow up to be like their favorite hero, otherwise. Also, explain to them the consequences of lying. Explain they not only can get in trouble with their teacher and/or principal, but they also could be in cahoots when they return home from school. Don't let them forget that liers always end up on the bottom, even if it appears they're on top.

Better facilitate an honest classroom by scheduling individual time with each student. At these one-on-one meetings, remind your students they can feel even more comfortable about telling the truth. Make sure they are open about incidences in the classroom and always be mindful of any red flags relating to life outside of your supervision. Your second grader might feel closer to you than their own family.

3. I Will Listen

Of course, you want students to be mindful of what you're telling them. You also, though, wish for them to listen out for one another. They need to value friendships, and they need to know when and when not to exert themselves. This will prepare them for success when they're older, and it helps you keep your students' attention while they're learning.

Look into various ways you can encourage listening. Have students sit with their eyes closed for ten seconds. Grab their attention and ask them to write down two things they heard. You will love their responses, and you can encourage them to enjoy listening more. Teach them how cool it is to be mindful of surroundings. This will help you keep their attention.

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4. I Will Encourage My Friends

Set up responses for the kids they can turn to when something exciting happens while in the classroom. If everyone is attendance for the day, tell them to clap their hands. Get them to stomp their feet when nobody forgot to complete homework.

Make learning as fun as possible for them. Encourage students to let you know when they see a classmate doing something courageous or kind. Also, always celebrate birthdays. The more interactive you make it, the better. It's very easy to do this when you and the students prioritize encouragement.


5. I Will Do My Best

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Come up with a number system, one through then. When students submit an assignment to you, have them rank how much effort they put into their work. This helps you identify potential issues. You also teach the importance of trying.

Also, establish a designated classroom captain for the day. Have them to handle duties for several activities during the day. They can lead the line marching toward lunch in the cafeteria. Consider also asking them to read a poem to start the school day. Have them bring something from home to teach the class about, like a favorite toy. Any time that you get a child to be front and center with all eyes on them, it motivates them to try even harder to do their best.

Best Wishes with Your Second Graders

Thank you for taking the time to further prioritize your classroom's learning experience. Because of your advanced planning and attention to detail, you're increasing the likelihood of their success. Your due diligence could make a big difference in their immediate and long-term success. Have a wonderful year with your students.

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