How to Become a Math Teacher

How to Become a Math Teacher: Career and Salary Information


When planning where you will work in the future, a career in teaching is one that has the potential to become extremely rewarding. If you enjoy math and want to help young people gain important skills they will need in their daily lives, then a career as a math teacher is possibly the right route for you to take. Here is an overview of what it takes to become a math teacher and what you can expect in terms of salary and professional development from this choice of career.

Job Opportunities

The demand for math teachers is high as there has been a need identified for qualified teachers in the areas of engineering, technology, science, and math. However, the demand varies significantly between one state and the next. Once working in the role of a math teacher, there are many opportunities for personal and career development, such as leadership roles in an educational setting.

Traits of a Math Teacher

There are several traits that it is important for math teacher candidates to possess. The first is an excellent grasp of the subject matter as it I vital that the teacher is able to deliver math education to children and young people at all levels and abilities. The second trait is good interpersonal and communication skills as the teacher must work with individual students, small groups, and other professionals. Finally, time-management skills and the ability to plan are an important part of the role of a teacher.

Qualifications Required

Once you have decided that a career in teaching math is right for you, it is essential to make sure you have the most relevant qualifications for the job. The specific requirements can vary from one state to the next, so it is vital to check this before embarking on a course of study. The sites like are of good help for you as an aspirant to get your assignments written for any recruitment-tests to educational institutes. However, the most basic requirement is usually for a candidate to have a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject area, preferably math. It is also important to have a teaching certificate and a teaching license that is obtained in the state where you are planning to teach. It can help to advance your career if you also have a Master’s degree in either Mathematics or Education.

Choosing an Educational Institute

As a rule, the better the educational institute you attend, the greater your chances are of getting a job as a math teacher. When you are up against others applying for the same position, having attended a good educational institute can make you stand out from the competition. Also, you are more likely to get a job within an outstanding educational institution if you have trained in one yourself. While there are many excellent colleges and universities where you can complete your teacher training, there are some that have better reputations than others and are highly regarded in the industry. Some of the best universities where you may wish to consider completing your training include Michigan State University, University of Georgia, University of Wisconsin- Madison, and Boston College. Each of these has consistently ranked amongst the best teacher training establishments in the United States. A further reason to consider studying at a well-respected establishment is that it has the potential to help you progress in your career at a later date.

Salary Information

There are many factors that impact on the salary of a teacher and the biggest one of these is the school level they are teaching. For example, an elementary teacher can expect to earn approximately $55,000 per year while a middle school teacher will earn $48,000. Teachers at high school level will usually earn around $46,000 but a post-secondary teacher will earn $54,000. Other factors that will affect the level of salary a teacher receives are the amount of teaching experience they have and the geographical location in which they are working.