Reading Comprehension: Online Passages & Quizzes

comprehension online quizRead Theory - Sign up for free and gain access to over 1,000 reading comprehension exercises. The program teaches students to think critically, draw inferences, understand scope and global concepts, find or recall details, and infer the meanings of useful vocabulary words. The class creation process allows teachers to manage students, track progress, and analyze performance. What is more, it enables students to submit written work to teachers for grading and comments.

CCSS.ELA-Literacy – English Language Arts Standards » Reading: Literature » K-5
Can cover all CCSS ESL standards so that students gain adequate exposure to a range of texts and tasks. Rigor is also infused through the requirement that students read increasingly complex texts through the grades.

Comprehension generally covers most of the following Common Core ELA standards:
Key Ideas and Details
Craft and Structure
Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity